Wednesday, July 18, 2007


There is no other word to say but FUCK! A good friend of mine started her treatment today for cancer. This is maybe her 4th time. First it was breast cancer, then it came back in her spine.... She is a strong woman. But damn, enough! She's a grandmother of one, with another on the way. So those of you who pray, those that don't, send good thoughts to Carol.


Stinkbait Boucher said...


Sure makes my shitty week seem trivial.

I'm sending my brand of stuff her way right now.

Spyder said...

Thanks Stink!

Dick said...

I'm beginning to not like this time in our lives... (I'm 46 and my friends run around the forties to sixties)
I've got one who's going through his third round of chemo right now.

Spyder said...

dick - I know what you are saying. When the girls & I get together we usually end up at some point talking about our health issues. My God, we're turning into our parents!

maria said...

Sending positive vibes to your friend Carol and hoping that she will come out of it stronger than ever.

My husband just had his 6th treatment yesterday for colon cancer.


Spyder said...

Thanks Marie! I'll keep your husband in my prayers too. Where are you in Canada? I'm heading to Canada on Saturday.