Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Observation

My hubby's step dad is visiting from VA. We always have a good time when he is here. He always like to to help with a project. This year the project was putting up a 8x10 shed. Yesterday, after supper they read the instructions & went out to do some prep work for a couple of hours. The instructions say that it's an all day job to put this shed together. Knowing that it was going to be over 90°F they decided to get up early. They started at 7am . Quit for lunch at 1pm when they were no longer in the shade. Then some time inside to cool off, even a nap. Back out by 5pm ended around 7pm. I made lunch & supper, which is usual for me to do all the cooking, and the cleaning up in the kitchen. Habitually we are a team in the kitchen. That's how we roll. But since they were outside in the heat it was my contribution to the project. So the observation is this: last night when we were just finishing supper the hubby started wondering about our next meal. Today, at lunch during the last couple of bites again with the wondering about the next meal. At supper, during the middle of the meal he's wondering if we have bacon for tomorrow's breakfast. I'm beginning to think the hubby is fixating on food. Now it's my experience that most young men fixate on sex. So is he no longer a young man? Or is it my cooking? in the kitchen or in the bedroom?


Stinkbait Boucher said...

I'm not touching that one with a 10 ft. baguette or a 2006 Chateau Angelus Saint Emilion.

Hongry now.

Zhu said...

No no, men fixate on food as well. Trust me.

Can't blame them... I sometime have this crazy though - what if chocolate was better than sex ?

BigHair said...

Given the shed project kept him out of his weekend kitchen duty, Hubby was prone to fantasize about what delicacies you would be conjuring up without him - and he obviously had a hankering for bacon (hint, hint). Zhu's right, too, because Food and Sex energize the need for each other. My mother inherited an old Victorian Cookbook that used the adage, The Way To A Man's Heart is Through is Stomach. Was it prudish to ignore the fact that man cannot live on bread alone? Or was there an unspoken inference that a man must first be well fed and the rest will follow.

Spyder said...

Stink being a smart married man knows when not to join the fray. For some reason "Swing batter batter" came to mind with Stink in batting/battling position with a long baguette.

Zhu- I have to admit that good dark chocolate is better than bad sex. However, good sex, well, chocolate has not made me feel tingly like that yet. The hubby LOVES chocolate. He's as bad as most women!

"The D" said...

Maybe your cooking or "cooking" is so good he was looking forward to the next meal or "meal" before he was finish or "finished" with his current meal or "meal".

You know what I'm sayin' with the quotes.

Spyder said...

D- Thanks! The hubby does love my "cooking"(wink, wink, nudge, nudge). He will eat anyones cooking (NO QUOTES). He's easy to please.
Hope you can make it to the Bloggers meet.