Monday, December 21, 2009

Destructo Dog!

Hubby is home burning a couple of vacation days building a new insulated dog house. Since it has to be big enough for a Great Dane he is having to build it on the spot where it will live. Which means the dogs can't be in the dog pen while he is doing the building. So Trooper & Xander are in the laundry room with the dog door out to the fenced "doggie comfort patio". I've shown you photos of the patio & the new dog door in previous posts. Anyways, the dogs can go in or out as they please. Most of the time today they were in so says the hubby. He had the gate to the pen open, NPR playing on the mini boom box, tools, extension cords, lumber all over the place. He has taken the old doghouse apart & salvaged what he could & has the new one's frame up. Tomorrow he puts the sides & roof on. He's really doing a good job. He has put insulation under the floor, and I think he's planning on putting some in the roof & walls. There are houses out there that aren't as well built as this doghouse will be. No joke!

All of this is just the foundation for what I really want to tell you. In my laundry room I had 3 black foam pads that were shaped like a puzzle piece on their edges. I had them in front of the washer, sink, and dryer. Notice I said had? Xander having been put in the laundry room with no toys had to find a way to entertain himself. No doubt Trooper found Xander entertaining. I bet the whole time Trooper was thinking: "He is in so much troubllleeee". LOL! Hubby called me when he took a lunch break. He discovered 2 of the foam pads destroyed. Little pieces of black foam all over the floor. Also, a runner that I had put down was torn up. I just hope he didn't swallow any of it. Hubby had to clean up the destruction but not before I logged into Log Me In & checked out the what the cameras in the laundryroom were showing. Yup! That's right hubby installed remote cameras in the laundryroom. We can see the dogs when they are in there or if anyone is ever crazy enough to try to break in by way of the dog door. And I say crazy because if you saw a dog door big enough for a Great Dane would you go through it not knowing what was on the other side?

Once given toys to play with this afternoon & this evening Xander didn't tear anything up! Yea! Progress!

On both our vehicles we have a bumper sticker that says: "It's all about the Dane". It's so true. And I'm not ashamed to say it. My hubby is the Heart of my Heart, Love of my Life. But Xander is the Laughter & Joy in my Life. I look at his face and it makes me smile. I don't think the hubby will be jealous because I think he feels the same way. How lucky are we? We have each other, and a wonderful home that we share with our 4 legged children. God bless us one and all!

Hmmm not what I planned, but then Life is like that.

May you all have a blessed holiday. Remember those you love & those who love you. They are your blessings.


Dan said...

Making me feel better about my recent pet post! ;-)

(Actually, I know how much joy those dogs bring you.)

PlazaJen said...

Ah, our dogs do bring us great happiness, don't they? I just marvel at their power and influence sometimes.
Indeed this is a year to count one's blessings. I know I will joyously ring in the new year, and put the travails and memories of this year behind me. Thanks for all YOU do for the blogging community! I hope to see you on the 30th!

Anonymous said...

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