Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Happy Hour

How about a pre-New Years Eve Happy Hour?

December 30th, 5PM-?


Gage Jack American Tavern

5031 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 531-4243

As always please RSVP !
A head count would help so we can have as many tables & chairs as we need.
All tweeters & bloggers are welcome.


emawkc said...

I'm in!

Ramblings from the Deep Dark Side said...

I will come, if I can remind my self appropriately.

Faith said...

Leo and I will be there. Is it in the same building with the drug store? I've never heard of this place!

Spyder said...

Faith It's where Double Dragon used to be.

We will be in the Vault room!

Faith said...

Ok, I have no idea what Double Dragon is or was, but I'll find the place. :D Maybe Leo knows...

A Librarian said...

I just realized I work that night so I probably won't be able to make it:-(

Keith Sader said...

The wife & I should be there.