Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Gathering

Women bloggers of KC - Let's have drinks!

Meetup - July 23rd!

So, for those of us who aren't joining the debauchery at the BlogHer Conference this year, I decided we should get together and toast ourselves here in KC! And yes I know some of you are going, but you're still invited because I love you anyway. :)
(Also it just worked out that both my kids are gone on this day. WOOHOO!)

So Thursday, July 23rd, at the Peanut in Overland Park - 127th & Metcalf, let's say 6-9 or so. Sound ok? Let me know if you can make it. And feel free to forward the invitation to other blogger friends who may want to come!

Organised by Jenny /@CadyKansas

Spyder: You can respond to Jenny or to me for this event. I will keep her posted. I hope you can make it. And if you are a guy you can come too!

1 comment:

A Librarian said...

I work till 8 on Thursdays so I won't be able to attend. Have fun!