Sunday, July 26, 2009

from MASH to Love

Today I volunteered at the Spay Neuter KC Clinic for their MASH. They spayed/neutered eighty something animals. I was assigned to keep an eye on the male big dogs. Go figure! LOL!

We had the biggest dog I've ever seen. I think Tank is a Mastiff.

There was many very sweet Pitbulls. I've never really been around Pits before. These dogs great. There was one, Buddy, that broke my heart. A room mate had dropped him off & didn't pick him up. So we were thinking that Buddy was being abandoned. He was the last dog there. He is all by himself tonight in a kennel, with an Elizabethan collar on. He was scared. I had him on my lap loving on him & crying. At that moment I hated people. How could someone just dump him? I had tried to call the owner but it wouldn't go through, then do a reverse search on his address online with no luck. I was so upset. I saying that he was an asshole for dumping this little pup. On my way home I got a call from Buddy's owner. He didn't realize that the room mate hadn't picked Buddy up. I told him that I was calling all kinds of names & that Buddy was a very sweet boy. He said he would pick Buddy up at 8AM tomorrow. I'm still upset. He should have checked with the room mate during the day. But he did sound like he did care for Buddy. Poor Buddy, all by himself after having his nads removed.

I suspected I will be volunteering again for the next MASH in August.

I'm glad the weekend is over. Hubby has been in Rochester, NY. He's visiting his mother & brother. He's replaced a toilet, installed a storm window, removed an antenna & insulation in the attic, cleaned gutters, and did some yard work, God know what else. Have I said lately that he's amazing? I hate it when we are apart. Not because of his handyman work, but because he's my very best friend. Tomorrow, July 27th, is our 24th anniversary. He flies in tomorrow just in time to meet me for supper. He is coeur de mon coeur, l'amour de ma vie.

Love ya babe!


Average Jane said...

Happy anniversary!

logtar said...

:) so happy to see great couples hit big anniversary numbers :)

Spyder said...

Thank you!!!

Jana said...

I'm glad you were there to be Buddy's friend. If you weren't there, he might have been all alone. And no one should be alone after getting their nads removed.

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more wonderful years together!

Spyder said...

Thanks Jana!

Buddy's owner picked him up today. Tamara said he seemed like a nice guy.Yea!

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...


A late big "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" to both of you and Bless You for the MASH work!


Spyder said...

Groucho- Thank you sir! Both are my pleasure!

Anonymous said...

That's sweet what you wrote about your husband.

I still hope to someday meet my best friend but I'm 36 so hopes are dimming for the American dream of a wife, kids and a picket fence.

Spyder said...

Anonymous- Don't loose hope. But don't stay home waiting to knock on your door. Get out there & do stuff you enjoy. You just might meet her there. Volunteer..... Good luck!