Sunday, March 02, 2008

Men & BBQ...

After going to mass this morning to pray for you heathens I went to Costco. I love that store! Everybody & their uncle was there. I even ran in to a fella from work (different Dept.) with his beautiful little daughter.

I had a small list. I was hungry since I didn't stop for lunch before heading there. You could tell that from my cart.

I pushed my cart by a whole outside BBQ, fridge combo thingy. Kinda looked like the photo here. There was 4 men standing there drooling. I said "Wow, a man's wet dream." One guy said "Yea!" I told them that I was a vegetarian. Another piped up " You could make pancakes, or grill some veggies & tofu". As I decided to move on I said "You could live out on the patio with that." I'm sure that they were busy dreaming of grilling & didn't hear me.

Kanga is the only meat eater (except for our pets, and my love of bacon) in our house. So 99% of the time he doesn't grill. He says it's not worth the effort to pull the BBQ grill out of the garage. We have hosted a few BBQs here, mostly political gatherings but also a few friend gatherings. That said we are planning to have a BBQ with all our blogger friends this year. We haven't picked a date yet.

Kanga just had me print out Greg's per-fuckin-fect fried chicken. I noticed that Greg & XO have Old Bay in common. Guess next trip to the store I'm looking for Old Bay!


Donna said...

I read Greg's recipe. Concerning his comment, "Gas gets hotter you know", obviously he never met a gas stove like mine. We got the cheapest one Sears had back then, and I swear the stove in my CAMPER boils water twice as fast as the one in my house. Only reason we have a gas stove is so we'll have a tiny bit of heat from the burners if the electricity goes out in an ice storm.

Spyder said...

Donna- I much prefer to cook on gas than electricity.