Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends, countrymen lend me your email

Wholey crap! Those of you who haven't been to a blogger gathering don't know how much fun we have. I've gathered the email addresses of those who have & a couple people who haven't made it yet but plan to ( read Nuke, and Doc). Once a month I start an email to all trying to pick a date & a place for the monthly gathering. We like to move it around to be fair to all. Is the moon full or what? Because the last 2 days have been email ping pong. Tons of one liners, burns, slams or whatever else you want to call them. Each one building on the previous. To give you just a taste here's one:

Holy crap!!!
I go on the road for work and I come back to 30+ messages of sex kittens, smoked meat, and monkey poop fights. Not to mention router woes, mascara failure and the ever popular cake vs pie discussion. Of course lets not forget she males and big ass swords... not that there is anything wrong with that.
Thank you all, for taking the suck right outa my day!!!
Nuke }:-

My office mate has heard me giggle out loud on & off because of some of the emails. You guys are the wind beneath my skirt!

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Stinkbait Boucher said...

1) Props for the phrase "wind beneath my skirt"

2) I am coming one of these days. I know I keep saying it but - one of these times the planets will align, my frequent flier miles will have fallen in to place, and I will just show up.

So - this is something that must continue.

Think of the children!