Sunday, March 09, 2008


On Saturday, Kanga & I did some running around doing shopping & stuff. Price Chopper was having a MASSIVE MEAT sale on Saturday & Sunday. We were both cracking up when we saw the sign outside the store. I just wanted to show you the MASSIVE MEAT I brought home! I love saying MASSIVE MEAT! hahhahahahaha!


Jana said...

We take the same vitamins!

meesha.v said...

You didn't buy KC Strips? You are handling the wrong meat!Not all the meat is created the same and the stuff you bought it some second-class meat.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

heh heh! he said "handling the wrong meat!"


Spyder said...

Jana- which I forgot to take today!

Meesha- It's what you do with the meat!

Stink- Meesha knows "Not all the meat is created the same".

Lucas said...

MEAT SALE!!! I'm totally jealous.

H-Train said...

Shit! I even have a gift card to Price Chopper.

Is the meat sale still going on?

Spyder said...

Lucas- Be jealous of the hubby not me. I'm a vegetarian.

By the way I like you blog. I spent some time over the weekend checking it out. Nice house! Great photos of your trips.

H-Train - No I think it was Saturday & Sunday only, but go check. Maybe there's still some.???