Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I see your bag please?

Darren, not that kind of bag! I was tagged with a meme by Zhu.
Good time to clean my purse out. This shot to the left is of everything.

In the second photo is my black zippered wallet. $35 plus some change. I pulled a few things out to share with you: a small book of stamps, a tip card, Missouri driver's license & State Farm insurance card, Health insurance card, work photo id, Costco card, Visa debit card, Discover card, American Express card(not activated yet), 2 different library cards, Borders rewards card, Men's Wearhouse card, AARP card (I want all the discounts I can get!), also those little plastic cards that you put on your key chain:2 grocery stores & 1 library. A bunch of receipts, mostly from Lowe's (They love us home owners!) that I need to make sure I marked them in my checkbook.

The 3rd photo is of my PDA, which is out of juice, my calling card for Canada, info on a book I'm reading "Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza, a blue invitation to a baby shower (I didn't make it, I spaced it out), two fliers of events that have happened already : Alpaca & Fiber Fair( didn't go) & "Growing in Prayer: Great Expectations" (I did go), a 30% off coupon for Borders (expired).

These photos contains: a pink comb laying on top of our birth certificates, ticket stubs for the Kansas City Repertory Theater (We saw Bad Dates). Way too many lipsticks! A dental appointment reminder, toothbrush & floss, mascara, Rx from when I hurt my neck, 2 compacts: pressed powder & blush, purple & pink containers: tampons & pads, Ziploc baggies one with Sudafed, two with each a days worth of pills(2 vitamins, aspirin, cholesterol pill) I take ( Shit! I forgot to take them!), 2 empty baggies (Yea! I remembered to take them), 2 spare keys to my car, a navy blue folding comb/brush combo, another comb blue this time, Altoids, one Aleve packet, Emory board, spare silver hoop earrings in small Ziploc, small Purell bottle, small tube Benadryl (chiggers were really bad this year) (I'll put that back in the medicine cabinet), a small tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment ( I get eczema behind my ears. What's with that?).

Below is my black purse that is light blue inside (so much easier to find stuff that way). To the left of the purse is my maroon business card holder, attached to the bag is my pocket knife that my Dad gave me ( it's on a detachable/retractable cord so it won't fall out of the outside pocket), a few packets of Shout Portable Wipes, my Raytown Democratic Association card, my Pi Delta Phi pin( Mu Upsilon chapter, National French Honor Society, there was an induction a week ago), a couple of pens, a few paper clips, divers business cards. There was also 20 Kleenex, my check book, 3 small note pads (for writing who showed up at a gathering & their email to add to the list), an 2 coupons for Waldo pizza in my purse.

This was the perfect opportunity to clean my purse out a bit. Thanks Zhu! It's still very heavy.

What's in your bag?


Stinkbait Boucher said...

Dangit. I saw the subject and thought we were playing a different game. What the heck am I going to do with these pictures now??? I guess there's always

Spyder said...

Stink- And what is your myspace address? I could use a good laugh!

Theresa said...

I was tagged by Zhu to do the same, and now I'm going around visiting everyone else who got tagged. Man, you have a lot of stuff in your bag, and I thought mine was full.

JustCara said...

Mine is here(with mouseover goodness). We share the same affinity for silver hoop earrings. :)

Anonymous said...

DAMN girl! All that stuff was in your purse?

Waldo Oiseau said...

That is SERIOUSLY way too much stuff! You are going to hurt yourself one of these days carrying that thing around! :)

I will have to see if my bag is interesting enough to share.

Spyder said...

Theresa- Thanks for stopping in! like your blog.

Cara-That was so cool!

Kristine- and about 20 kleenex!

Oiseau- A few things got removed.

Zhu said...

Shall I call you master from now on ? Damn, I thought *I* carried a lot of stuff but your bag must be like 15 pounds !

Let me guess... after the "cleaning" you put back everything in cause you need all the items, right ? :D

Spyder said...

Zhu-Mistress will do! LOL So I did something I've never done before 7 weighted my purse. 4.5 lbs less than I thought. I put the blue comb in the bathroom, RX in my underwear drawer, I trashed some old receipts, all the rest went back in. I did charge my pda.

Kanga said...

Babe, can I put my wallet in your purse? LOL! - The Hubby.