Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another round of cleaning out the spam folder

You must be The Real Man with huge dignity. I've never hear it called "dignity" before.

You have received that miracle you need!!!! I have?

Yummy soft deals online! Yummy? I thought soft was to be avoided!

Even if you deny that bigger is better, you know it deep in your heart. In my heart is not where I want it deep!

Your baby-maker needs to be bigger in order to perform its functions well. No babies here please!

Your biggie size - her happy eyes. For some reason McDonald's came to mind. I don't know why...

No more embarrassment! No guarantees there!

She will moan with utmost pleasure, as your new long dick penetrates her twat. And she will scream if you miss!

Are you confident in bed? Hell, ya! Didn't call me La Machine for nothing! She slices, dices & makes Julien fries!

Your new cock is waiting for you. Again, with the new cock! Thanks, but I'm not done with the old one!


Feds said...

wow - someone totally has you pegged as an insecure, smallish man!

uh...are you?

; ' )

Anonymous said...

Haha... I love it when you clean out your spam folder.

Spyder said...

Feds- Nope! All female! But I am short. And definitely not insecure.

Kristine- I had so many that I broke them up into 3 posts & saved 2 as drafts for later.

Kanga said...

So you're saying mine's "old"?
-- The Hubby

Spyder said...

Kanga- Getting older by the minute!