Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another successfull blogger gathering!

Dan/Gone Mild
Kanga/Beneath the Ginko
Faith & new hubby "Leo"/Frighteningly Uncommon Sense
Waldo Oiseau/Kansas City Daily Photo
KC Sponge/Law School Bound
Librarian/So Many books, So Little Time
Darren/The D Rules!! the birthday boy!
and myself

Showed up. I'm too tired to link everybody so go to my sidebar (they're all there). Emawkc had made arrangement with Dan (who picked up some door prizes from Emawkc). I passed those around. We saved a t-shirt, visor & baseball & gave them to Darren when he showed up, telling him Happy Birthday! Conversation eventually turned to sex. Krissy asking Faith if they had anal sex on their honeymoon. It went down hill fast from there. OK, I was blushing & I'm not a prude. Towards the end it was Darren & 6 women. On a completely different note, most are planning to do the Harvester's thing on December 1st that Dan is organizing. Also I think there may be another get together in December besides that one. So stay posted! Exhausted & going to bed....


Nightmare said...

we must remember my Mon-Wednesday is almost always full, so either a cool weekend party, or a thur-fri activity!

Nuke said...

Dang, I would liked to be there and give the D a wingman, but got out even later than I expected. If I had shown up I imagine I would have fallen asleep after 1 drink while waitin for truck stop meatloaf.

Jury's still out in the Dec 1 thing, as family may be here.

N }:-

PS- Anal sex is no laughing matter (Buahahaha)