Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Greg Beck flipped our switch!

Greg Beck's Deaths Door was one of my very first blogs that I read. I was hooked. He was my crack. Get your mind out of the gutter, that's not what I meant. I was addicted. I had to read his blogs. He made me laugh, sometimes so hard I cried. God knows a person needs good laughs. And I think God sent him to teach us. So we will try to make Greg proud of us.

Last time I saw Greg Beck we were at blogger meet up at Governor Stumpy's. He was wondering if he was the only black blogger since he is the only one that we all knew about. Now there is no one representing.

I met Greg at my first blogger meet that he & Michelle of Well hell Michelle had organized at Harry's in the River Market. I got a big bear hug from him right off. I felt like was meeting a celebrity. He was gracious & kind to myself, a new blogger. Even with his colorful language he was a gentleman. I was looking forward to future blogger meets where we could get to know him more on a face to face basis.

Greg, you're one in a million. I respect you enormously. I will miss you.


Nightmare said...

Spyder, you and XO have done a much better job in saying goodbye to a big hearted man , wonderful writer, and a fantastic man.

Thank you, for doing what I fumbled around with.

Spyder said...

Night- Thanks! Not that I had much time as I was red dress shopping all evening. Trying to make a 50 year old, short, fat, graying woman look rocking is next to impossible.

karen said...

Spyd: "Trying to make a 50 year old, short, fat, graying woman look rocking is next to impossible.:

Nah, you're going to look fabulous. Wonderful post. I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet him, but felt I had after reading him for so long. He will be missed.

Dan said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - you're not that short!


Kato said...

You do rock, and I should know.:)

Thanks for turning me on to Greg Beck and his wonderful blog. It was because of you that I got to meet one of the great characters of Kansas City.

The Hubby

Spyder said...

Karen- Just bought a pair of spankx today(www.spanx.com). Putting them on felt like putting 25 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lbs bag. It was my arobic exercise for the week.
Hubby-Love you!

frog pajamas said...

Hi Spyder. I just heard about Greg. My thoughts are with you and the bazillion other people Greg infected with his personality. He was a very kick ass guy.