Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Office Email

Hello Team,

Yesterday I placed a burrito in the mini-fridge in the supply closet. After fending off hunger pains, I walked over to eat my burrito and found that it was room temperature on the floor near the fridge. While I’m positive this was done inadvertently, I’d like to ask that everyone using the fridge take care when adding and removing items.

Yours Truly,

The Hungry Pregnant co-worker

Ps-I’ve put another burrito in the fridge. If I find it on the floor tomorrow, someone’s head will roll.


FYI This is how my office mate announced her pregnancy today!


Nick said...

Must have been some single guy unaware that pregnant women will literally eat your liver, in situ, if you screw around with them...

Spyder said...

Only on single guy in our office. But I don't know if it was him. He usually doesn't get in the fridge.