Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking for Love?

Eva & Tina are looking for you! 21 month old Mantle Great Dane pups! These are Xander's sisters!!!

Eva weighs close to 140lb, and Tina is a petite 130 lb! Those are estimations. They are BIG girls! Both are spay, and up on all their shots. Tina has the continuous white the white stripe that goes all the way up between her eyes & ears. Eva's stripe is interrupted with black.
These girls are loving and loved. The current owner is moving in the fall. She is going to petition the city to be able to keep them. Maybe city hall will be compassionate. She would love to keep them both. But if the city says no... Then one or both would be looking for a forever home. I would take them in a heartbeat. The hubby even agreed. But we are at our limit already. I've volunteered to help find wonderful homes for them. We realize that they will probably have to be split.

They need a fenced yard and a comfy lap or couch!

Great with kids! But remember these are BIG dogs and they don't realize how big they are. That happy tail is at a small kids height. They would knock over a toddler so bigger kids would be better.

Can you say counter cruiser?

They have a heart that matches their size. These are loving, sweet girls. If you are interested in becoming a Dane parent please let me know.


zenzonechick said...

Oh man they are gorgeous! Celeste sent me the link. We have one big boy but just can't swing any more big dogs right now. I passed it on to another dane owner I know. Good luck & I hope they can stay together!

starnes family said...

Oh, they are beautiful! I hope a good home is found soon.

Wanted to briefly thank you for your blog and friendship in KC. Although I never met any of you guys, I admired your blogs!

We are headed west.....see my news post for details. It's a huge leap of faith and a little nutty, but that's how we roll!

Spyder said...

ZZchick: Keep me posted! I'll do the same here. Owner really wants to keep them but may not be able to.

Casey, Wishing you lots of happy adventures!~