Monday, September 21, 2009

September Blogger/Tweeter Gathering

Going away party for @Bea & @Logtar

That's right ! They are moving to Chicago & leaving us! I'm not happy but a great job for Logtar is calling. And of course where he goes Bea will follow. So please join us wishing them the best.

Brooksider Sports Bar and Grill

6330 Brookside Plaza

Kansas City, Missouri 64113


September 24th, 2009


We are having it at the Brooksider as a thank you to them for having the KC Twestifal.

Which was a huge success! So come drink, eat.



A Librarian said...

I have to work that night so I will miss it. Bea/John? Maybe I can have a small party at my place some other night instead.

Spyder said...

Sorry! But you having an extra one sounds great!

Logtar said...

I want the party to start and never end! Of course we can have a party at your house, that is almost too easy!

(jeff)isageek said...

I will be there.

wrytir said...

I'm there.

Faith said...

Leo and I will be in attendance! WOO! (We leave early the next day for California again...we can sleep it off on the plane. ;) )

m.v. said...

I can't make it,someone smack Logtar for me.

Nuke said...

I'm there. Head or gut shot MV?

Michelle said...

I have a meeting after work, but will stop by after that.

Keith Sader said...

I'll be there.