Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bye @Betizuka & @Logtar September Gathering

We had the September Blogger/Tweeter Gathering @Brooksider, as a thank you to them for hosting the Twestival fund raiser for Wayside Waifs. We also came together to wish @Betizuka & @Logtar good luck & good bye. They are moving to Chicago. Below is the list of people who came. Here they are in order of appearance:
@MySpyderWeb (myself)
my hubby Kanga/Beneath the Ginko
@Taracuda & Brother
Faith & Leo/Frighteningly Uncommon Sense
Phil (a non blogger/tweeter co-worker of Logtar's)
Tom & Sheryl ( non bloggers/tweeters longtime Friend of Logtar's & Bea's)
@JeffisaGeek & @Ms.Gigglebox
@Banky & @Thundabolt
@queentuffy & @kipkillagin

Please go to their Twitter profile to see their websites.

We had a great time & will miss them both an awful lot.

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