Sunday, October 29, 2006


Been busy with politics. Worked all weekend on a mailing list, addressing & stamping a postcard mailing. I can't wait for it all to be done. Just heard that the Republican candidate Kraus called a lady up & harassed her because her husband had removed the Kraus sign from his own yard & had a Moreno sign instead. Kraus upset her so much that her husband won't allow any signs in his very own yard. So now Republican Kraus is a bully, besides being a liar. Nice way to treat your constituents. Also heard that he out & out lied at church when questioned today. Well, there's proof of his doings. He's not smart enough to have learned the lesson that all husbands learn. Don't lie! We always find out. Obviously he thinks he's smarter than his constituents, and above the responsibility to tell the truth.


Dan said...

Keep up the great work! In a week, it'll be over, and you'll have helped make the Missouri General Assembly a better place.

Spyder said...

Thanks Dan! I just hope we have done enough to let people know how important their vote is.