Saturday, October 21, 2006

A few things that don't piss me off.

The hubby just mentioned a good one but I won't mention it here. But you get it. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

Back rubs

A fire in the fireplace insert that heats the whole house. I also love my chainsaw. Every girl should get one when she turns 40. It scares the Hell out of the men. I'm good with it too. Hubby says it must be in my Canadian blood. I do have steel-toed boots, the special chaps, and the head gear. I'm a sight when geared up.

Frozen amaretto sour, rum & diet coke, beer.

Music. My taste is very eclectic. Rap & opera aren't on my list. Oh man, what if the opera used rap? Right now I'm listening to Shakira, a bit ago was Bob Walkenhorst, of the Rainmaker's fame.

Good pizza: Waldo Pizza thin cheese!!!!

My dogs, I especially love BIG dogs. Our biggest is a Great Dane.

Spellchecker. But sometimes it's just not quite right. It wanted to replace Rainmaker's with rhinoceros. Not even close!

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