Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog fodder

So I just got home from a day of volunteering for the Dems. I did data entry. You know when they call you or knock on your door. Well, the info you give gets put into the database.

So to reward myself I sit in the living room with my laptop and check my email & fav blogs. Stud muffin has reading for class but comes & sits on the couch with me. Then he says: " I can't listen to you read the blogs & your responses. Even if there are clever... I have to read my homework." Ok, I can buy that. BUT when he starts to put his earplugs for his ipod in I flipped. "You can listen to music & read, but you can't listen to me!" I say. And then he tells me that he has to concentrate when he listens to me, & doesn't concentrate on the music. Of course I find that very unlikely. And tell him so. And that I'm going to blog about it. So then he said: " What am I blog fodder?" Yup! That you are!

Spell checker: earplugs : warbles

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