Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May turnout for Blogger/Tweeter gathering

Betizuka's Blog -/ @betizuka
Hip Suburban White Guy / @xonassis

Queen of Quirky / @sam92077
Ramblings, Rants, and Mommyhood Journal / @hoochimama

Reading Between the Lines... / @thundabolt
and me: My Spyderweb / Kansas City Bloggers / @MySpyderWeb

Pierpont was great hubby had the steak & said that it was wonderful. I can vouch for the frozen Margaritas! Omar was our waiter for our big group. Great job! Some went on the Narnia tour & said it was great! Go see it!!!!

Let see there was discussions on :how lactation happens & can it happen to men, skeletons, houses collapsing, gaming, cigars, dogs, babies, social media & how our group is social.

Great time, great place, great people. What more can you want?


PFL0W said...

when and where is the meeting next month?

Mo Rage

Faith said...

I'm so sorry we didn't make it after all, Spyder! I got home from work, and Leo had already made dinner. By the time we were halfway through it, I was all, "Um, it's WEDNESDAY. Not TUESDAY." Yeah, the holiday at the beginning of the week always fucks me up on the remaining days.

Even though I was looking forward to it all day. As soon as I walked in the door of the house and smelled dinner, I completely forgot again.

Next month, for sure!!!

Spyder said...

Faith we missed you!

Pflow. ROFLMAO! Sorry the name did that. I haven't recovered yet. Probably that middle week of June. Haven't thought of where yet. Check back here for info.

emawkc said...

Did I already miss the June meetup?

Spyder said...

emawkc, No. My bad. I've been too busy to schedule it. Care to do one on Monday or Tuesday so that we can have a June one? I won't be able to make it.