Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Blogger/Tweeter gathering

Wednesday May 27th at 5PM
Pierpont's at Union Station
30 West Pershing Road
Kansas City, MO 64108
PH (816) 221-5111

Pierponts is going to put tables out on the 'patio' (inside) for us.
we'll have a chance for a guided sneak peek of the Narnia exhibit for anyone interested at 6pm.

if you come early enough you may get to see KCSponge's new baby!!!

As usual, please RSVP me so I can have a head count.

Special thank you to @KCSponge /Sponge Worthy
for arranging the tour!


Average Jane said...

Count me in!

Bea said...

Me (and Logtar)

(jeff)isageek said...

count me in.

SysAdminKC said...

Sorry, I've got kids ball games. :( One of these days I'm going to make it!

Faith said...

Leo and I are thinking it'd be cool to drop by for drinks...count us in for a bit. :)

A Librarian said...

I should be there and will try to drag @erindowney along with me.

Spyder said...

Looking forward to seeing all that can come!

sjwaters said...

I'll probably stop by for at least one cocktail. After the past couple days, I need one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Spyder,
I've been on the fence all day. I should run, but we'll see what happens at 5. Can I be a maybe? Not a good RSVP, I know, but I'd hate to miss out should I decide at the last minute.

I've been wanting to get to one of these smaller meet ups.

Spyder said...


Come! We have these only once a month!!! Run tomorrow.