Saturday, January 10, 2009


The crew arrived this afternoon to board the Crazy Horse lead by Captain Charisma " Clueless" Callahan. The crew: Caleb Tora the pilot, Jonathan "Scrapper" Glenn lead salvage tech, Lt Colonel Kiffin Rockwell, AMC (retired) shipboard security officer & electronic expert. Ethan Jonathan ship engineer, Brude F. James is the ship security (like Jayne). Hanto "Cookie" " just the cook", and Nora Xu is the 1st officer.

This crew has been together for 6 adventures so far. In one adventure they kicked 40 reavers asses. Everything the hubby (the Dungeon Master/ Game Master/whateva!) throws at them they can deal with in the most "creative" of ways. This time there was an operative that posed as a prostitute & got on board. Thanks to Caleb. Horny bastard! She "drugged/triggered his program???" Ethan & was going to kidnap him but let's just say lost her head. Thanks Brude! Now what? Wouldn't you love to read that Captain's log book?

I am the caretaker & hostess. I take the orders for Chinese food for supper. Chinese food is traditional with them. Happy gamers!

The "Shiny" thing that happened tonight as I was hanging out in the other room listening to them. I'm reading Twitter & sent a hello, wish you were here to @Kaylee_Frye. Their adventure was similar to to the hubby's. Hubby doesn't read Twitter. And I hadn't told him about what I had read. Different crew with the same scenario. How shiny is that?

Now the crew has to lay low on the rim as the entire verse is looking for them.


PlazaJen said...

I watched the whole Firefly series over the Xmas break.... LOVED it! Wrapped it up with the movie this weekend (I'd seen it before, but before I'd seen the tv shows.) Love it!

Kaylee said...

Have 'em send a beacon into the black, one that scrambles cruisers goin' by. That'll keep 'em from runnin' into some trouble.

Stay shiny!