Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another Home Project

We had 2 pallets of 8"x 2"x16" concrete patio blocks & 10 bags of sand delivered.

The picket fenced area is the dogs' "comfort" area. Better known as the poop yard. It's my job to scoop that area. It's always a muddy poopy mess. It's always shaded so it never dries out during the winter with every little bit of snow or rain.

Hubby started Wednesday morning with my help. While he was laying the blocks I carried the blocks to him. After our lunch break Dr. Ken showed up to lend a hand.
He & I went to Lowe's for 15 more bags of sand while hubby continued. Once back Dr Ken started laying blocks. I stacked a bunch of blocks for them then headed to the grocery store. I was going to make the men a nice hot meal since it was so cold out. I cooked a beef roast with carrots & potatoes with gravy. We had a nice quiet New Years eve. Dr Ken hung out with us, we talked & reminisced about the past. I think he was too sore to leave. He did head home after midnight sometime.
Hubby had to walk the dogs on leash since we couldn't put them in the "comfort" area during the evening. Hubby & I finished it New Year day. Looks great doesn't it? We work great together & there isn't much we can't do when we set our minds to it. Tonight we brought the dogs in & let them into the area .

Two minutes later Willow laid a big stinky one. Mission accomplished!


Melinda said...

Spyder, that looks awesome!!

Nuke said...

Kanga is a talented fellow! And it looks like it got the canine equivalent to a stamp o approval.

Faith said...

Leo and I plan to do something similar in the overly shaded/always muddy/never grows grass area of the yard this coming Spring, if we can afford it. I can't wait!

Looks great!

Spyder said...

Thanks Melinda, Nuke, & Faith!

Nuke, funny thing is Trooper hasn't pooped on it yet. Willow 4 times. Think I'll keep the dogs in today with me & let them out into that area. Instead of putting them out into the big dogpen.

Faith, We used something called cap block at $0.67 each, cheapest you will find out there.