Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Kansas City Blogger Gathering Update or I thought they couldn't smoke in here?

I've driven by the Red Balloon in the past but never stopped. Now, I know what I'm missing next time I drive by. Smoke, cheap drinks, tunes & laughs. We started out with Average Jane rocking the house. Logtar and Chimpo doing Bohemian Rhapsody nearly killed me! Those boys know how to perform. @kayhaswings sang Sweet Child of Mine. @TheDLC did an amazing job with Lady. Can someone tell me who did Go ask Alice? I forgot to write any of the other songs that were done. Below is the list of bloggers & tweeters that I know were there. If I missed any body let me know & I'll add them.

@ arogersphotos
Average Jane @average_jane
Banky For President @banky
Bea's Weblog @betizuka
Beneath the Ginko & Raytown Progressive Action @ginkoguy
Chimpotle @chimpotle
@ dandino
DukeWisdom @dukewisdom
Eartha Delights ( Mushroom Cloud in the Midwest) @ EarthaDelights
Fate's Thoughts @Fate82
Filegirl @kristine777

How to Boil Water and Other Random Thoughts
KC Lunchspots @TheDLC
Logtar's Blog @logtar
M.Toast Hivemind @m_toast
Ramblings, Rants, and Mommyhood Journal @hoochimama
Reading Between the Lines
Sader Family @coderigger
Schooling Us @erindowney
So Many books, So Little Time @princessofworld
Sponge Worthy @kcsponge & Mr. Sponge
The Grumbling Old Fart & Mrs. Old Fart (has posted about this, go see photos)
Venus in the Kitchen
(Between the Gutter and the Stars) @Venus00

Photos from @Joey96:

Photo from @TheDLC:


Donna said...

I'm glad there were finally some pictures taken. Good grief, you had a huge turnout this time!

Nuke said...

Sweet! I was already bummed about missing it, but a Chimpo/Logtar duet? Holy crap! Bohemian Rhapsody is a great song, but when you said duet I was hoping for Islands In The Stream.

Good to hear it was a good time!

sjwaters said...

Also attending were @_stephanie, @dandino, @c_giffin and @lawpunk. It was a blast! Must. do. again.

Anonymous said...

That was the funnest blogger gathering I've been to!

Logtar said...

Someone help Sponge get stuff online!!!

Logtar said...

Bea captured Chimpo and I, and a couple of more

KC Sponge said...

My friend, and freakin amazing singer, Molly, was the performer of White Rabbit that night. She rocks. She was scared that she wouldn't be able to be at her best after not singing for the past few months because of, you know, a double mastectomy and several rounds of chemotherapy. But she did, and I think it was great for her to be so appreciated.
I really did have a blast at this gathering and hope there will be others like it. Its too bad O'Quigley's downtown is gone - no one to compete for the mike, no smoking . . .we could really take a place over! It was good to meet everyone and hope everyone has a good holiday season!! Thank you, Spyder, for always being so diligent with these lists and keeping us all together.

Faith said...

No! NOOOOOO! Why did I think this gathering was happening this week, on the 19th? FUCK!

Anonymous said...

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