Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wazzz up????

Here the 411 on me lately:  

Worked my volunteering ass of on the Obama campaign.  You're welcome! I did it for all of us not just myself.  Because I care.  The feeling I and many have is euphoric.  We are so hopeful.  

My laptop died.  Gave it's life for the campaign.  I mean right after the campaign. I did some research online, and on Twitter.  I was told that my next laptop should be a Mac. So I went to Micro Center, they have some of the last models marked down.  I've been busy learning the rope (kinda).  It will take me a while to be 100%.  (What no right click? Browser window not filling the screen??) 

Hubby is busy with school & did some handy work recently on So Many Books' house. Hopefully we can get some wood ready for the winter to heat the house.  I guess the house isn't getting painted this year.  

This last weekend we had supper on Friday & Saturday nights at friends.  We are blessed with many good and close friends.  And Saturday night I stay over at friends who were out of town.  I hung out with their 3 dogs.  We don't allow our dogs to sleep on our bed.  A Great Dane just takes too much room.  So it was great to cuddle up to their dogs on the bed since the hubby wasn't there t0 keep me warm.

Stay warm.


Marti said...

Really proud of you and everyone who worked on the Obama campaign! Wishing you all the best.

Spyder said...

Thanks Marti!

Doc said...

jes' be careful with all that euphoria - there have been some buzz-kills lurking about of late...

; ' )

thnx for the work; i just drove lil' ol' ldies to the polls all day. man, that was more than enough; the sweet dears about drove me crazy!

welcome (sorta) back.

Donna said...

If I ever get a Mac, my daughter will be able to show me the ropes. Her work laptop is a Mac.

My husband absolutely won't have a dog on the bed (or furniture). But when I spend a night at the cabin, Sadie knows she can sleep with me.

Spyder said...

Doc- "euphoria" about the Mac or Obama?? LOL!

Donna- Our dogs are no longer allowed on the bed after our Lab/Border Collie growled at me when I woke him when I tried to get in bed. Our Great Dane has her own loveseat.

Nuke said...

Glad you had a rewarding time of it during the campaign!

Now, just don't become one of those Mac snobs. OK, oking there as I know you will never be a snob.

Jana said...

Thanks for all your hard work on the campaign!

Spyder said...

Nuke- I don't know enough to be a snob. I think it was good for many people.

Jana- Thanks!

Zhu said...

Thanks for your help with the campaign! Thanks to you and people like you, we don't have to put up with another idiot. Phew.

I will come to the USA more often!

Good job guys, the world thanks you.