Friday, November 14, 2008

November Kansas City Blogger Gathering

This month has been full of ups & downs:
Working the Obama campaign, the election, my laptop crashing & dying, trying to get my database reconstructed, my 36 year old brother in law having a heart attack, his surgery (2 blockages: 90% & 75%), and trying to get local bloggers to agree on a place for a gathering. The North of the River people would like to have one up there but can't make it until later.
So here's the compromise:

Next Tuesday November 18th, 2008, 5pm

Harry's Country Club

112 Missouri Ave
Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 421-3505

Please let me know if you can make it.


Heather said...

Barring any type of work thing, or other plans I've made and am not aware of, I should be able to come to this one.

KC Sponge said...

I will be there. Hopefully I will not arrive after everyone has left like last time ( c'mon - 8:30, guys - that's a little lame! ;), but look forward to seeing everyone!!

Average Jane said...

I'll be there as early as I can - probably around 7.

Faith said...

I'm still trying to fight a bug/cold/allergy/SOMETHING, so I think I'm gonna have to bow out for one more month.

Hopefully next month will be a good one!