Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's right I'm back

My trip up to Canada was just over 1300 miles one way. I did it in 2 days. That's including the 1+ hours I spent lost in Detroit. Luckily it was during the day even tho it was in bad areas of town that I had to stop & ask for directions. Hwy 75 was closed just outside Detroit. Not having the hubby, Kanga, there to copilot me was not good. Coming back I decided to avoid that whole area & came across at Sarnia/Port Huron. Plus I decided to take 3 days to drive back & Sunday to recuperate before starting work on Monday. Thank God for audio books. I did listen to some good one: The Dirty Girls Social Club, James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories, Girls In Trucks, Criss Cross, I'm Proud of You(my friendship with Fred Rogers).

It rained quite a bit while I was there. Maybe a couple days of great weather, a couple days of all day rain & the rest was partial days of rain. On one of those all day rain days my nephew told me that I had a flat. I didn't believe him at first thinking he was pulling my leg. Lo & behold my front left tire was flat. Bless my brother in laws soul. He took the wheel/tire off, put a plug in it, and moved it to the right rear. That's right! How's that for self-sufficient? My BIL did suggest that I did drive the car back to town & have a shop look at it. They said that it was good.

I did get a nice boat ride on the lake while there. We saw loons, even a family of mom, dad & baby loon. I didn't see any moose this year, but I did see a scrawny fox.

I ate fresh potatoes, cucumbers, and baby carrots from Dad's garden. I had poutine (see photo of heart clogging goodness) 5 times (in addition twice I ate leftover poutine). I did cook a Mexican feast for the whole fandamaly.

It was a good vacation but it would have been great vacation if Kanga had been with me. I called him once a day at night so that I could share what was happening. My family loves him & really missed having him there.

I have over 689 bogs to catch up on. Having only dial-up at the cottage really sucked. So there was no reading blogs, there was only checking emails as best as I could. I'm swamped at work & have a mountain of laundry at home. But I'm glad to be home with the hubby.


PlazaJen said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good vacation, despite the whole "lost-in-Detroit" part!

Melinda said...

That picture looks scrumptious, but I haven't looked it up yet. I could rescind my comment if it holds any fish.

Glad you're back safe and sound!

Melinda said...

Ok I just clicked and as soon as I saw the words "cheese curds", I realized I MUST HAVE THIS.

Faith said...

Is anyone other than me caught up in the phrase "...I ate leftover poutine"?

No? Just me?

Alrighty then...

Spyder said...

Thanks Jen!

Melinda- NO FISH! I lurv it!!!!

Faith- My 1st poutine of vacation was a large. I should have gone with a small one so I had leftovers. It was good the 2nd & 3rd time. Remember I don't get this but once a year during vacation.

Doc said...

welcome home

Absolutely Feisty said...

Glad you're back!! =) Things go to hell when you're gone! LOL

Ready for coffee when you are!

Spyder said...

Thanks Doc!

Feisty- I'm glad to be back too! Tell me about it! Someone tried to use our Discover card for over $1000. Damn,and it wasn't me or the hubby! How does next Tuesday look for coffee?