Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pick up your pointy sticks!

I'm reading Zen and the Art of Knitting, Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity, by Bernadette Murphy. I'm enjoying it, and hope to take it up to Sr Julia when I go visit her at the Abbey in June. She mentioned that a friend tried to get her meditate so she would relax, gave her books, cds... When that friend saw her knit she realized that she was already relaxing/meditating. So true!!!

Here's a quote that I love. "Working thread into cloth has to be among the oldest crafts, and it is certainly a part of myths and folktales and fairy tales from all parts of the world and ages. There is mystery and magic involved, and power-the power of the spider whose silken thread can both carry and capture." by Alexandra (Xan) Grant

I love that last line. I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting done this summer. Start as you mean to go on!


Melinda said...

I find that when I crochet, I get very quiet, and I am completely in the present, counting my stitches or ripping them out because they look bad! That's an awesome quote, and one view I hadn't considered. Yarn on!

Spyder said...

Melinda - "I am completely in the present" That was something the book mentioned also.

Keri Oki said...

I have to tell you I tried the knitting approach once and it ended up causing me 11ty seven times more stress than anything in my whole life -- about 2 seconds before I was going to poke my eyes out with the needles I decided to quit.

Then again I can be sort of a controlling perfectionista at times - so maybe trying a new hobby was a bad idea all around?

Spyder said...

Keri- I would be glad to teach you what I know.