Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogger lunch

Nightmare, XO, Waldo Oiseau, & I met for some Gates BBQ for lunch today. Nightmare looks well. Obviously the wedding & honeymoon suited him immensely. XO was his debonair self. And well, Oiseau , we never see as often as we would like because she's such a busy person. Great food and great conversations what more can you ask for on a Monday? Sorry you missed it.


Keith Sader said...

Ok, not only do I now hate you for your freedomz, I hate you for your tangy BBQ sauce slathered ribs!


Bea said...

I would be upset, but I don't like Gates sauce. :-P I'm glad you had fun, though!

Spyder said...

Keith & Bea- I had fries & dipped them in their sweet mild BBQ sauce. Yum!