Saturday, April 28, 2007

A 1st today

I'm very excited! Looked outside today at my bird feeder there was Yellow/Gold finches. I've never had those here before. I've had lots of cardinals, chickadees, house finches (pink color), mourning doves, jays, robins, tufted titmouse, wrens, juncos, squirrels and the occasional raccoon. I love all the birds.

Thursday evening I planted two small white oak trees on our south side yard. There was 2 deer laying on our north side yard. I love our home/property.


Happy In Bag said...

Cool. I'm pleased to have a new family of thrashers.

Spyder said...

So Sunday I pull out of the driveway & drive in front of part of our property. There eating road kill was a big black buzzard. I pulled over and watched for a while.