Sunday, April 18, 2010


What's that song? Signs, signs every where signs. I told Carol to come back & haunt me, send me a sign. My dogwood tree that I planted years ago (2001) has never bloomed. The day Carol passed I noticed one white flower on it, just one, on the whole tree, just one! Not 20, 50, 10, 5, just 1! How weird is that? A twitter friend, @BonnieGlick, just donated a kidney. She had a tree bloom that had never bloomed. Wild eh?

Saturday, Carol's family had a memorial at Garozzo's in Lee's Summit. They had a slide show that made me cry the more I thought about her. Then her husband spoke and I cried again. I spoke to another of her many friends and started getting teary eyed again. On my way home I was driving down Colbern Rd & a huge turkey flew right in front of the car. I'm taking that as Carol's way of saying : Get your shit together, you turkey! I'll be watching for other signs. Knowing Carol she will do her best to let me know she's OK.

My brother was 21 years old when he died in a car accident. We were what you call Irish twins. He was 11 months younger than me. I've had 2 dreams of him. He could not talk to me in the dream because he was dead & I knew it. But he hung out with us. And had that crooked smile of his. That smile said it all. He was OK.

My family does have a weird history of seers, dreams, out of body experiences, that kind of stuff. I'm not afraid of my loved ones coming to me. I look forward to some kind of sign from one them. It gives me peace. It gives me joy.

Are you looking for a sign? Have you had any? Who was it?


Jana said...

The turkey story reminds me of when I was a teenager and driving on a curvy mountain road that was dangerous. My family had just moved to a new city and I was driving home to see my friends. Two birds flew in front of my car, one from each side of the road and passing each other in the center, like they were out of a Disney cartoon. It was so odd that I slowed down and a minute later a motorcyclist coming from the other direction came around the blind curve to quickly and his bike slid out from under him. He rolled across the road right in front of my car and ended up not too badly hurt. If I hadn't slowed down...

Spyder said...

Damn Jana! Thank God you slowed down!