Thursday, March 05, 2009

KC Wizard Opening Day Blogger/Twitter Gathering

I need to know ASAP if you want to go to the KC Wizard's Opening Day, Saturday March 21th. The game is at 7:30PM.

They are willing to set up:

" I'll set up a group manager and get it sent to you so everyone who buys tickets is in the same section. It will have a promo/discount code attached, so you'll be able to buy the tickets at the cheaper price."

Also, some kind of social thing before the game. I need a minimum of 15 people.

Please let me know.

UPDATE: $12 for the cheapest group rate tickets


Faith said...

Like I said in that email, I'd need to know the costs before I could commit. None of the posts/emails have given a inkling of what they will charge us! Let me know, and I'll let you know if we can sign up!

Faith said...

We can definitely go for $12 each. So we're in, if you were able to get the requisite number of commitments from other folks...:D

Spyder said...

Faith, As soon as the Wizards have it set up I will contact people on who to purchase their tickets. Wish Lent was over so I could have a beer there!