Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another sucking day

So I haven't cried this much since someone died. Today was divorce day for me & my work husband. Yep! He left me. The dog will get to work from home. May his house be flea infested. I can't remember ever clicking with someone this much & we never even had sex. Our spouses are happy about that I'm sure. I mean I looked forward to work because I knew he had my back. Religion, politics, music, warped sense of humour (did I just spell that the Canadian way?), even food (except for me being a vegetarian). Speaking of which we converted more people to Don Chilito's today. Going away lunch was there. If there is one thing that I won't steer you wrong at it's food. Within the first 10 minutes of work today I was crying & we (me, my hubby, and my now divorced work hubby) walked out together so I ended the work day crying. And of course when ever someone would say anything to me it just turned the water works on. I had to try & keep my head on work just to get through the day. Another sucking day!

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Dan said...

So sorry you're losing Jim. But the friendship will last a lifetime, I know.