Sunday, December 30, 2007

Great weekend!

4 hour long Blogger gathering on Saturday. All the links are in my sidebar/blogroll. It was a great time. 75th St Brewery was a perfect place for us. We were at the back of the bar/restaurant where it was a bit more quiet. Which was exactly what we needed to be able to talk. The waitress was top notch. Food was wonderful. Think I'll try the pizza next time. My 2 raspberry beers were pretty good too. We missed those that couldn't make it. And we did talk about ya!

New people to our group: Meesha / Kansas City with a Russian Accent
Chimpo / Chimpotle
Logtar & wife Beatriz
Muddy Mo
Bull E. Vard /KC Beer Blog

Regular people in our Group: XO/Hip Suburban White Guy
Dan / Gone Mild
Average Jane
Waldo Oiseau/Kansas City Daily Photo
Janet/Ramblings, Rants, & Mommyhood
So Many Books., so Little Time
Michelle/Well Hell Michell
Happy in Bag

We have a house guest & have been running doing stuff. I did get bloggers added to my blog roll & Google Reader. Went & checked out our new members ( for lack of a better word) blogs. Posted a few comments. I probably won't have time to post until January 1st. My New Year's resolution is to try to curb dropping the F-bomb so much. I may have to be a bit more creative. I'm headed to a nice warm bed. That is if Kanga remembered to turn the electric blanket on. If he didn't he will pay!!!!! My cold feet on his hot ass!!!!!

Have a safe & Happy New Year. Hugs, kisses & bubbly for everybody!

Friday, December 28, 2007

10 things I've learned in 2007

Thanks to Zhu I must inflict this meme on you.

1. If you want to hit a home run you must first step up to the plate. I had wanted to be sure that local bloggers got together on at least a monthly basis. So at the first blogger gatherings I asked if they wanted to be on a blogger email list. Usually I try to coordinate the date & place so as to have the most bloggers there. Just call me "Ms. Moneypenny".

2. That there are some darker beers that I'll drink. Thanks Dan! But they have only been Dan's home brewed ones.

3. Blogging can be an addiction. OMG! I spend way too much time on this. Wish yall sucked at writing.

4. Back up your hard drive! Need I say more?

5. I've learned how to knit cables. Why did I think it was hard?

6. I think I've learned to knit socks (at least I found a pattern that doesn't suck)

7. Not all Republicans are assholes! Some are biatches, right Faith & Cara?

8. Even though I don't like change it will be ok.

9. You
can meet some great people on the web. And you don't even have to date them.

10. I learned that Zhu really like memes! LOL!

Who ever wants to give it a go consider yourself tagged

CHANGES!!!! December 29th Blogger Gathering

Nightmare won't be at the north of the river blogger gathering that HE called. So we are boycotting north of the river and meeting at :

75TH STREET BREWERY 816-523-4677
520 W 75th St
Kansas City, MO 64114

Saturday, December 29th, at 4:30pm

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas shopping for bloggers

After finally getting out of that damn room. Thanks EMAW! I was wasting time over at Cafe Press.
This one made me think of The D. Here's another for you D. And this too! This one for TKC. LOL! I like this one. They had it in a thong. And here is one for KCSponge. What about this for Chimpo? I know So Many Books wouldn't wear this, but I thought of her when I saw it. But she might wear this. Who for this? Hmmm maybe XO? How about this Keith? This brought Faith to mind. Then this did too. You're one of the few people I know that does exercise. Erin, this is for you. Except you are very cute in person too! I can so see Heather saying this! Here's another for her. Love this! Stink, this one's for you. So glad you don't. Kristine, this is so you. Emaw how about this? Finally, I found one for Janet. I could easily hear JustCara say this. Found mine! This one is Michelle. Dan, maybe this? Or this?Absolutely this. Happy in Bag would like this. Nightmare, here's yours. For Kanga I found a few, like this one, this. Average Jane would like this I think. Here's one for Kansas City Daily Photo. This for Toast.

Too bad I can't afford to get all this for you. Merry Christmas anyway!

Last minute shopping: Zhu, I found this for you!

Spyder's Year of Posts

Average Jane did a great Meme. So I thought I would give it a try.

Rules: Paste the first line of your first post for each month, starting with January 2007.

January: So I haven't cried this much since someone died.

February: No post.

March: Peter Nugent, beloved son, husband, father, and teacher, departed this life on March 1, 2007, at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO.

April: One of my guilty pleasures is watching Miami Ink on TLC.


June: I feel like freaking Mother Nature.

July: Go read Zhu about the movie, Canada & France's health care.

August: I am so ready for a vacation.

September: Friday: This has been a great weekend staying in town.

October: I never thought this would ever happen!

November: I think XO should get this for his girlfriend for Christmas.

December: Greg's birthday is on Tuesday, December 4th, and there will be a get together at the Record Bar for it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 29th Blogger Gathering

This north of the river blogger gathering is called by Nightmare

December 29th at 4:30pm

Mickey's Irish Pub
(816) 455-6868
420 NW Englewood
K.C., MO

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've been tagged by XO for a Twilight Zone Moment Meme.

Here are the "rules".


You should post these rules:

Recall and relate a time when you experienced a "paranormal event"
Explain it rationally if you can
Inflict this meme on 5 other people

Years ago, I lived in Olathe in a rental house. That house had a fenced yard, but Murlin, the black lab I had then, would jump it. Therefore, I had a chain that I would attach to his collar that kept him from getting out. One morning, very early, Murlin wanted out. I attached the chain and closed the sliding glass door and went back to bed. The weather was nice, so I wasn't worried about him. When I got up maybe an hour later I went to let Murlin in and he was gone. He and half of his chain had made it over the fence. I looked at the broken end and I could see that it had just worn through from the concrete patio. I put some clothes on and went looking for him.

If you look at this map you can see the streets I went down, Mahaffie, Church, Sunset, Cedar, Elm...

When I got back home he wasn't sitting on the front porch like he had done in the past. My neighbor was leaving and I told him. He said that he would drive around to see if he could find him ( he was a dog lover too!). I was exhausted and it was still early morning. I decided to lay on the couch in case the neighbor or Murlin came to the front door. Next thing I knew I was walking on the railroad tracks (see map) heading south. I would call Murlin, then wait to see if I heard him. After calling for 10-15 minutes I heard a bark. I walked a bit farther on the tracks then called again. I heard another bark. Walked a bit more and called again. Then I heard a yelp. By that time I was probably passed E Wabash St. I followed the barking that Murlin was making, which took me down the gravel on the west side of the tracks. Murlin had managed to tangle his broken chain in a bush and was caught there in this yard with a bunch of kids. They were planning on calling me later (dog tag with name and phone number!!) Probably when the kids were tired of playing with him. Murlin and I headed north towards home using the train tracks. The next thing I know is me waking up thinking that he must be hungry. I get off the couch and look for Murlin and he's not there. He's not in the house or in the yard. So I decided to go look for him along the train tracks. I would call Murlin, then wait to see if I heard him. After calling for 10-15 minutes I heard a bark. I walked a bit farther on the tracks then called again. I heard another bark. Walked a bit more and called again. Then I heard a yelp. By that time I was probably passed E Wabash St. I followed the barking that Murlin was making, which took me down the gravel on the west side of the tracks. Murlin had managed to tangle his broken chain in a bush and was caught there in this yard with a bunch of kids. They were planning on calling me later.

Everything was the same! I realized that the first time I went looking for Murlin I never physically left the couch. I later heard it could be astral projection. Or is it

Precognitive or Prophetic Dreams
You dream about events that manifest in the future usually within 3 weeks if not immediately. These can be personal or universal messages.

Or is it something else? I don't know. I've never done it again. I hadn't tried to do it. It just happened. All I know is my beloved dog was missing, I found him while laying on the couch.

I tagging these ladies because I would love to hear their experiences.






If anybody else has an urge (LOL) to write let me know.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Theme Song

I've put Deezer on my side bar with my theme song, "Spider Woman" from Uriah Heep's album The Magician's Birthday. Loved that album when I was in high school.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Citizens Of The World

Zhu over at My New Life In Canada has honored me with "Citizen of the World" award. She even created a button for it. She has also said that we, who she awarded, are to pass the award on. I would like to pass this award to:

Stinkbait Boucher/Trelvix: And then I said
Melinda: Scribblings from Sarajevo
Eolai gan Fheile: Irish KC
Meesha: Kansas City with the Russian Accent

I'm having issues with linking these 4 bloggers. So go to my side blogroll.

Greg was my 100th!

I just realized that I have written 167 posts. I wasn't aware that I had written my 100th post. So I went back & counted. My post Greg Beck flipped our switch! was my 100th post. I never could have planned that. But then none of us planned on losing Greg. Funny how he keeps popping up. Gone but not forgot.

Things That Make Life Easier... Or Not

Just bought this at Westlake hardware for $9.99 this week. Sandy, the cat, always seemed to be hiding the remote under her before. Since buying this it's harder for her to hide it from us. But she did turn it one one day while we were gone. Ours doesn't glow in the dark.


Never lose your remote again!
With giant buttons, this extra-large remote is easy to use and impossible to lose. It's a 6-in-1 remote so you can use it to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. It even features glow-in-the-dark buttons, so you can easily find the remote in the dark.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Got your attention didn't I? hahahahaha Fooled you! Just rocking out to Barenaked Ladies while we clean house. Be safe out there. Went out to fill one of the bird feeders & nearly busted my butt. It is slick. Luckily we are staying in today. We have friends coming over for our famous pizza. Yesterday was Big Hair's birthday so we are celebrating today. Now I have to go thaw berries for the sorbet that I'm making. I also made the sauce for the pizza. What a domestic goddess I am today! Hubby, Kanga, just said he wants me to be a domestic goddess tonight! A goddess' work is never done.

Later mere mortals!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Greg!

We love & miss you big guy!

Michelle/Well Hell Michelle organized Greg's birthday gathering. He would have been 49 years old. Greg's Mom Jessie & sister Stephanie were there when I arrived. So was Nightmare/Smells Like Bullshit & his fiance, Keith/SaderFamily, Michelle/Well Hell Michelle & her spouse Eric/Dangerblog, Kristine/Filegirl, Librarian/So Many Books, So Little Time, and my spouse Kanga/Beneath the Ginko. Jessie had put together a wonderful album full of pictures of Greg, some of his writings, awards, certifications, also cards that they had received. It was great seeing them again at a time when we weren't all in shock. Stephanie even called brother Cliff while there & we all hollered hello to him. There were a lot of Greg's other friends there that I didn't know.

We can honestly say that the chicken wasn't as good as Greg made it. But then he put a lot of love in it.

Bitch slapped!

Not really! But Kristine from Filegirl gave me what for for not reporting who showed up for Harvesters last Saturday. I'm linking to 3 bloggers that are new to our group. I've just added them to my side blogroll. The rest have been there since I've met them. So here goes:

Dan/Gone Mild & wife Robin
Celeste/Average Jane
Janet/Ramblings, Rants, and Mommyhood Journal
Fate/Fate's Thoughts
Moody Foodie/Give In To Temptation
Ancillary Adams
Michelle/Well Hell Michelle
Toast/The M.Toast Hivemind
XO/Hip Suburban White Guy
Kanga/Beneath the Ginko & myself

We busted our butts doing a great job. I think we all felt like we did something very worth while & would be willing to do it again. Afterwards we went over to Dan & Robin's for brats, homebrew ,& pizza.....

Not as geeky as I thought!

45% Geek

Mesa Dating

Who would think that Michelle is more of a geek than me?

Monday, December 03, 2007

More Spam....

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Make her worship you! Good luck with that!

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I'm a Heiny!

Bet your ass I am!

You Are Heineken

You appreciate a good beer, but you're not a snob about it.
You like your beer mild and easy to drink, so you can concentrate on being drunk.
Overall, you're a friendly drunk who's likely to buy a whole round for your friends... many times.
Sometimes you can be a bit boring when you drink. You may be prone to go on about topics no one cares about.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Make mine a Beam & coke please!

Happy Birthday Greg Beck!

Greg's birthday is on Tuesday, December 4th, and there will be a get together at the Record Bar for it.

The Record Bar's dinner special will be Greg's Per-fuckin-fect Fried Chicken. It should be an interesting mix of bar friends, blogger friends, and family (Greg's sister and mom will stop by).

Where: The Record Bar
1020 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

When: Tuesday, December 4th
5:30… 6:00… whenever you can get there

Thursday, November 29, 2007

While the hubby was away....Weekend review

While hubby Kanga was in Florida, visiting his mom, I stayed home to guard the fort, and care for the livestock. He had left on Friday afternoon and returned Tuesday night at 11PM (UGH!). Needless to say now that he's back I can post about him being gone.

I was off Friday so I just had to contribute to Black Friday. After dropping Kanga off at the airport. I hit Planters Seed and Spice by the downtown City market. Then I walked over to Cascone's Grill for some lunch. I had spaghetti. I was very disappointed. I make better sauce. Afterwards I checked out some shops over by the Steamboat Arabia museum. I bought a Jasmine plant at Dutch Flowers. I then went and checked out Wink. On my way home I stopped at Fancy Finds on their last day of business and bought a seltzer bottle.

Saturday afternoon I went with friends(D & G) to an antique store down by the River Market. I bought a Noritake gravy boat with a beautiful maple leaf pattern. We then went to Harry’s Country Club for a snack before heading home. Once home I got the fireplace insert fired up. When girlfriend J showed up we heated plates of Turkey Day leftovers. We downed Captain Morgan spiced rum with diet cokes & ate dark chocolate M&Ms while we watched a couple movies. We had found out that we are both big fans of Johnny Depp. Therefore Pirates II was a must see. J also brought Practical Magic, with Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman. Definitely a chick flick, but easy on the eyes for the guys! We stayed up late talking. J is an animal lover. We have 2 dogs & 2 cats. She got her animal fix taken cared of while here.

Sunday, I cooked cheesy grits, bacon, toast & coffee. By then the fire had burned down to a few coals. I applied my Fire Goddess skills and got another roaring one going. J left just before 11AM to get some work done. I stayed in my PJs all day, even when I went outside to restock our inside supply of firewood.

I had a good time but really missed the hubby. Luckily, Kanga doesn't go out of town very often.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not looking forward to today!

I took today off because I received our personal property tax bill. The car I bought in 2006 is not on the bill. So I called them. Damn! I have to go in to their office. And my taxe$ are going to be more.

After I'm done with that I have to make my last trip (God I hope so!) to the grocery store. I hope going during the day will be better than the evening. Then some house cleaning. As you can tell I'm stalling. Rachael Ray is on. I never get to watch day time TV. I also have checked Google reader and got caught up. But I really need to get going.

I'll add to this later today with how things went.

Later: $775.81 Where's the Vaseline? I know, I paid it a month early but I was there & now I don't have to remember to do it.

Tuesday Morning: Bought new table clothe & napkins

Grocery store: Ugh! Super crowded. Forgot baking soda even though I walked down that aisle twice. The cashier sent someone for me to get it. It was raining when I went in & smowing when I came out.

Some place in Independence called Old time Pottery I think. Garland for the mantel, some glasses....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who the Hell am I sleeping with?

Hubby's results

1st time taking test:

2nd time taking test:

3rd time taking test:

If you retake the test you get different questions.

How much spam must I get?

With a big penis you will not be afraid to love. Yup! I'm not afraid to love a big penis. Just as long as it remembers who's the boss!

Real sex machines have always big penises. Is that really the plural of penis?

A real meat rocket in your pants. Hope it's not a bottle rocket!

She will never want anyone else. Your virility will have a new look. What is this a fashion show?

There's no need to enumerate all the advantages of the bigger pen!s How about one of you guys telling me the disadvantages of a big penis? That might be interesting.

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Longer pen!s makes your way to success in love shorter! Have I got news for you! It's going to take more than a longer penis.

With bigger pen!s you won't cum for hours and give her more pleasure! Hours will rub her raw!

My wife adores my big dic'k, and yours? Ya , your wife likes mine too! Naw, I really don't have one.

If you treat your filly as a goddess, why not become a God in her bedroom? Are you in a barn? Filly?

I'm JFK!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I see your bag please?

Darren, not that kind of bag! I was tagged with a meme by Zhu.
Good time to clean my purse out. This shot to the left is of everything.

In the second photo is my black zippered wallet. $35 plus some change. I pulled a few things out to share with you: a small book of stamps, a tip card, Missouri driver's license & State Farm insurance card, Health insurance card, work photo id, Costco card, Visa debit card, Discover card, American Express card(not activated yet), 2 different library cards, Borders rewards card, Men's Wearhouse card, AARP card (I want all the discounts I can get!), also those little plastic cards that you put on your key chain:2 grocery stores & 1 library. A bunch of receipts, mostly from Lowe's (They love us home owners!) that I need to make sure I marked them in my checkbook.

The 3rd photo is of my PDA, which is out of juice, my calling card for Canada, info on a book I'm reading "Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza, a blue invitation to a baby shower (I didn't make it, I spaced it out), two fliers of events that have happened already : Alpaca & Fiber Fair( didn't go) & "Growing in Prayer: Great Expectations" (I did go), a 30% off coupon for Borders (expired).

These photos contains: a pink comb laying on top of our birth certificates, ticket stubs for the Kansas City Repertory Theater (We saw Bad Dates). Way too many lipsticks! A dental appointment reminder, toothbrush & floss, mascara, Rx from when I hurt my neck, 2 compacts: pressed powder & blush, purple & pink containers: tampons & pads, Ziploc baggies one with Sudafed, two with each a days worth of pills(2 vitamins, aspirin, cholesterol pill) I take ( Shit! I forgot to take them!), 2 empty baggies (Yea! I remembered to take them), 2 spare keys to my car, a navy blue folding comb/brush combo, another comb blue this time, Altoids, one Aleve packet, Emory board, spare silver hoop earrings in small Ziploc, small Purell bottle, small tube Benadryl (chiggers were really bad this year) (I'll put that back in the medicine cabinet), a small tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment ( I get eczema behind my ears. What's with that?).

Below is my black purse that is light blue inside (so much easier to find stuff that way). To the left of the purse is my maroon business card holder, attached to the bag is my pocket knife that my Dad gave me ( it's on a detachable/retractable cord so it won't fall out of the outside pocket), a few packets of Shout Portable Wipes, my Raytown Democratic Association card, my Pi Delta Phi pin( Mu Upsilon chapter, National French Honor Society, there was an induction a week ago), a couple of pens, a few paper clips, divers business cards. There was also 20 Kleenex, my check book, 3 small note pads (for writing who showed up at a gathering & their email to add to the list), an 2 coupons for Waldo pizza in my purse.

This was the perfect opportunity to clean my purse out a bit. Thanks Zhu! It's still very heavy.

What's in your bag?

Another successfull blogger gathering!

Dan/Gone Mild
Kanga/Beneath the Ginko
Faith & new hubby "Leo"/Frighteningly Uncommon Sense
Waldo Oiseau/Kansas City Daily Photo
KC Sponge/Law School Bound
Librarian/So Many books, So Little Time
Darren/The D Rules!! the birthday boy!
and myself

Showed up. I'm too tired to link everybody so go to my sidebar (they're all there). Emawkc had made arrangement with Dan (who picked up some door prizes from Emawkc). I passed those around. We saved a t-shirt, visor & baseball & gave them to Darren when he showed up, telling him Happy Birthday! Conversation eventually turned to sex. Krissy asking Faith if they had anal sex on their honeymoon. It went down hill fast from there. OK, I was blushing & I'm not a prude. Towards the end it was Darren & 6 women. On a completely different note, most are planning to do the Harvester's thing on December 1st that Dan is organizing. Also I think there may be another get together in December besides that one. So stay posted! Exhausted & going to bed....

More Freaking Spam!

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Monday, November 12, 2007


I've been meaning to post a closer picture of my tattoo. Hubby took this one. The one I had on here was taken by Emawkc. He had taken it with his camera phone.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another round of cleaning out the spam folder

You must be The Real Man with huge dignity. I've never hear it called "dignity" before.

You have received that miracle you need!!!! I have?

Yummy soft deals online! Yummy? I thought soft was to be avoided!

Even if you deny that bigger is better, you know it deep in your heart. In my heart is not where I want it deep!

Your baby-maker needs to be bigger in order to perform its functions well. No babies here please!

Your biggie size - her happy eyes. For some reason McDonald's came to mind. I don't know why...

No more embarrassment! No guarantees there!

She will moan with utmost pleasure, as your new long dick penetrates her twat. And she will scream if you miss!

Are you confident in bed? Hell, ya! Didn't call me La Machine for nothing! She slices, dices & makes Julien fries!

Your new cock is waiting for you. Again, with the new cock! Thanks, but I'm not done with the old one!

Why do you blog?

This is the comment I left over at Blog(a)gory:

When I started reading blogs I didn't have a profile & was commenting under anonymous. I didn't think that was fair to bloggers. They may be baring their souls to me & they didn't even know from one anonymous to another who I was. So I decided to create a pseudonym/profile. Once I got that far it was a small just to create my own blog. It has improved my English writing skills. But what has kept me going is the community that I have become part of. I have met every single blogger in my "Local Kansas City Area Bloggers". We have been gathering usually about once a month since April 17th 2007. You are welcome to join us.

Why do you?

RIP Author Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer has died.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

November Blogger Gathering!!!

Tuesday November 13th, 5pm
Also, the D's birthday week

McCoy's Public House (THEY HAVE WIFI)

4057 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Mo 64111

Truck Stop Tuesday
Old Fashioned Diner Specials: Chicken Fried Steak with Pan Gravy, Mom's Famous Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes... AND $2 pints!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A bird in the Hand

Saturday morning, I heard a thump on the window. Mr. Cardinal had hit the window over the kitchen sink. He was laying in the flower box below the window when I found him. He was dazed. I checked him over best I could. He slowly perked up & tried to fly, right into the side of the hubby's truck. I picked him up, again. A bit later he tried to to fly, again. This time right into the sun room window. I was beginning to think he was either brain damaged or suicidal. A bit later he flew & landed on a branch of one of our holly trees. I checked back on him a couple of times. He was still sitting on that same branch. Maybe after 1/2 hour he must have flown off. I went out & checked below the tree to make sure he didn't fall off the branch. So now he's a bird in the bush.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How can I make it up to you?

A few weeks ago I had to go to the dentist for a crown. I'll tell you right up front I HATE going to the dentist. I HATE needles and all the other stuff. I had to take 2 Valium, happy gas & shots. Hubby Kanga had to drive to & back since I was doped up.

Today, I had to go my dentist to replace my crown. This time I went by myself since no needles should be involved. I left work at 3pm for a 3:30pm appointment. Once I was in the chair the dental assistant removed my temporary crown & cleaned/scrapped the cement off. I was doing well. Then I had to wait in the chair for over an hour while the dentist, who was to install the new crown, worked on at least 2 other patients. My anxiety started building. I got mad. I got impatient. Yes, I don't have a PHD, but my time is just as important. I started to tear up as I do when emotional. I mentioned to the assistant that it had been over an hour. She could tell I was upset. I was trying so hard to hold it together. I couldn't talk, I couldn't look at him. I closed my eyes trying to get my shit together. Tears rolling down my face. Mad at myself for crying, ashamed. At least I wasn't sobbing. He apologized a couple of times and asked "How can I make it up to you?". I said I couldn't talk right now. He gave me his cell number to call him tonight. I told him that I couldn't talk tonight. He said for me to call him tomorrow. I said I didn't know. It was 5:45pm. I cried all the way home. How can he make it up to me? How do you measure my anxiety? My anger? My shame? My tears? How?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cleaning out my Spam folder

We can give you what you want: bigger cock. Thanks, but the one I get to use is plenty.
No doubt! Your bigger cock will make them Jealous! Like I said don't need bigger! And there are other reasons also to be jealous but we won't go into that here.
Become our happy customer. Sorry, already happy!
Enjoy your life with the patch. What am I a pirate? ARRR
You'll be surprised with your bigger dick. Not as surprised as my husband would be!
No medicine can satisfy your dick needs as ours. Again sorry I got the medicine HIS dick needs!
Your new cock is waiting for you. That better be a rooster!

Google Reader

After a couple of evenings with my boyfriend/my laptop I am now Google Reader active!!!Woohooo! Last night I loaded you all in it. Tonight I figured out that I had to go & mark your post as having read them. I can tell it work as Heather & XO posted after I had marked them as read. There they were bold as night! It lives! Somewhere during all the computer shit that has been going down my blogrolling icon has disappeared from my tool bar along with my RSS Feed icon. I hope they live happily ever after. I haven' had the time to add Average Jane & So Many Books to my sidebar. TKC has asked: "Are you still mad at me? Can a brother get a link?" I'm thinking about it. He could seal the deal by showing up at a blogger gathering & being our token Latino! LOL I just don't think he likes to have fun. And we know how to have fun.

So what other nifty tool are you keeping secret from me? Hope Google Reader works as good as y'all have said.

Monday, October 29, 2007

37!!! I counted them.

Kanga & I worked in the yard this weekend. We now have flowerbeds on the west side of the house. Kanga installed green metal edging.We amended the soil with manure, peat moss. I planted 37 hostas. We are sore & tired. But it looks great. I tried to take photos put the camera didn't cooperate. Maybe tomorrow. I'm glad it's done. It was a lot of work.

This week I will look at Google reader.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday Holy Mariachi!

We were invited to Theresa Garza, and Genaro Ruiz's wedding. It was at the Town Pavilion, and officiating was Emmanuel Cleaver. Beautiful wedding! At one one point, we were on the dance floor when some fast Latin music started. Needless to say we went & sat down. In the past I would have stayed & danced but I'm too old & slow now. Hubby, Kanga, had a glass of wine. I stuck with water. I had enough excitement the night before. We were so pleased to to be part of the celebration.

Friday fright night

The fright wasn't at the party. More later.

The party was at Dan (of Gone Mild) & his lovely wife. Dan had kegged some of his home brew. It was a maibock (if you want more info on that go to his blog). All I can say that it was good. Now, the jello shots by Kristine/Filegirl were not as smooth going down! Not that it stopped us. I do know I had at least 5. Also, she took a bunch of photos, and has a good recap of the party. I won't bother to recap but will list those in attendance.

Dan/Gone Mild & wife
Kristine/Filegirl & Rodney (hubby?)
Janet/Ramblings, Rants and Mommy-hood & Keith/Sader Family
Heather/General Blather
XO/Hip Suburban White Guy & girlfriend
Michelle/Well Hell Michelle & hubby Eric/Dangerblog
Toast/The M. Toast Hivemind
Myself/Spyder & my hubby Kanga/Beneath the Ginko
Two new additions to our blogger gatherings:
Celeste/Average Jane
So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year in Reading

Nightmare did call me to let us know he wasn't going to make it. We had a great time. But we did miss all those that couldn't make it.

Now for the fright! On our way home to Raytown we were stuck in a DUI check point. I must remind you that I had a jello shot just a bit before leaving. Streets were blocked so you couldn't avoid being funneled into the one lane. I'm thinking Oh Shit! My heart was racing!!!! Thank God we didn't stay 1/2 hour longer. They were still setting up & weren't stopping anybody YET! I wasn't drunk, but did have some alcohol in my system. Damn that was close!