Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OMD! Here's another !

Hubby is wearing red trimmed in navy, also holding a shield( 2 white wolves' heads on blue background). He is here many times.

Blast from the Past!

Can you find my husband in here? Here's a hint: His gambazon is royal blue trimmed in yellow. I believe I spotted him at least 2-3 times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Happy Hour

Yes, I know this is short notice. Quit your whining & show up now & then.
Friday June 18th
Swagger (85th and Wornall area)

8431 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114
4:30pm - ?

Newfie Joke from Mom

An Australian, an Irishman and a Newfie are in a bar. They're staring at
Another man. Suddenly the Irishman says, "It's Jesus!"

Sure enough, it is Jesus, nursing a pint.

Thrilled, they send him over a pint of Guinness, a pint of Fosters and a bottle of Molson Canadian.

Jesus accepts the drinks, smiles at the three men, and drinks the pints slowly, one after another. When he's finished the drinks, Jesus approaches the trio.

He reaches for the hand of The Irishman and shakes it, thanking him for the Guinness. When he lets go, the Irishman gives a cry of a amazement: "My God! The arthritis I've had for 30 years is gone. It's a miracle!"

Jesus then shakes the Aussie's hand, Thanking him for the lager. As he lets
Go the man's eyes widen with shock. "Strewth, mate, the bad back I've had all my life is completely gone! It's A miracle!"

Jesus then approaches the Newfie who knocks over a chair and a table trying to get away from the Son of God. "What's wrong, my son?" says Jesus.

The Newfie shouts, "Fuck off, I'm on Workers Compensation!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

RIP Sweet Sandy June 10th 2010

We brought her home and buried her under the pussywillow. I put some yellow/orange daisies seeds above her. She loved everybody. Didn't matter if you were a person, cat, dog. Even a large Great Dane! She would purr and give you kisses. She would wash Xander's face when he would come and bug her. She had no fear and always was at the center of the party. She loved all the loving, petting, brushing she would get. At the end I got her to purr one last time even though she was miserable and in pain. She was a special kitty.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A real man is...

A real man is a woman's best friend. He will
never stand her up and never let her down.
He will reassure her when she feels insecure
and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never
thought she could do; to live without fear
and forget regret. He will enable her to
express her deepest emotions and give in to
her most intimate desires. He will make sure
she always feels as though she's the most
beautiful woman in the room and will enable
her to be the most confident, sexy,
seductive, and invincible.

No wait... sorry... I'm thinking of wine.
Never mind....

ROFLMAO! Another from Mom in Canada!

Another little something to brighten your day