Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Holy Shit biatches! My Google Reader says 70!!!

I got there Friday around 5pm & left Sunday at 3:30pm. I stayed up till 2am Friday & Saturday nights & slept till 9am. I'm still coughing but feeling much better. I think the extra sleep & limited physical activities helped. Sorry XO no pillow fights. I only had one meal that I planned & executed which was Saturday lunch, baked potato & salad bar. One of the gal had also made matzo ball soup. There was lots of snack, chocolates, artichoke dip & chips. We ate well. And when the snow storm started we were not worried about running out of food. I think there even was alcohol to be taken home. I did have something called Black Sambuca with hot cocoa & marshmallows. There was beer but I wasn't in the mood. Can you believe that? I stayed in my sheepy flannel PJs from Friday night till Sunday morning. I did call & check up on Kanga twice a day to make sure he was recuperating & taking the Dayquil & Nyquil as I prescribed. I did spin some beautiful Alpaca, and did a bit of knitting on some socks. When I needed a break from all the magpies I went & laid down in the living room in front of the fireplace with a good book. Great weekend!


Jana said...

Sounds awesome. Glad you had a good weekend!

Spyder said...

In some ways I was sorry it ended but was glad to be home. I'm so conflicted!

I got caught up on my Google reader. Even managed to make a few comments here & there.

I also spent about an hour as blog tech support for a fellow doing a Raytown blog (not Kanga).

Melinda said...

That's sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!!! What can I say, when you're gone, we have to amuse ourselves somehow, which means more blogging... ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! and I am LOL at your 70 reader thing... mine has not been under 1000+ for months... just my daily reads is at about 254.

Spyder said...

I hope I don't ever get that behind on Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

Well, not all of that sounded like my cup o tea, but you had fun so that's what mattered!

N }:-